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Laterite Stone Products India

We are the Manufacturer & supplier of Laterite stone such as Laterite Stone Wall Cladding Tiles.

Red Laterite Wall Cladding Tiles

The deep red colour for those who want to stand out. This is a colour of majestic appearance.

Yellow Laterite Wall Cladding Tiles

The Yellow coloured laterite tiles will give you building that is like of a golden feel.

Orange Laterite Wall Cladding Tiles

Orange Colour Laterite Tiles will gives you building a look that of a rustic and antique feel.

Laterite Stone Bricks & Blocks

These stones are used for constructing buildings instead of bricks and other stones. When these stones are used, plastering and painting can be avoided and the stones very strong.

Laterite Designer Blocks

They are cut in the size of fire bricks/ clay red bricks and can be used for making arches, pillars and model shaping and art works.

Truly Laterite Stone Experts

Laterite product business founded with a passion for craft and a dedication to quality. Also we care for enviornment promoting eco friendly constructions

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What Our Clients Saying About us

Meet our happy clients and find why laterite stone products india is their preferred choice.


By Using Laterite Callding Tiles the guesthouse I built seems to have filled with positive energy also it came out in gorgeous in style. I truly appreciate Laterite Stone Products India for shipping me the wonderful product

Home owner, Bangalore
Carol Miller

I appreciate Laterite Stone Products India for their attention to details and uniformity and quality in manufacturing each piece of tile. They were also open to our demands and custom sizing tiles over 5 sizes that suited our specific needs

Carol Miller
Trump Real Estate Group, London
Simon Koeltringer

Laterite Stone Calddling tiles are the ideal choice of wall cladding material because becuase of its distinctive colour , shine and longevity and the antique look . I appreciate Laterite Stone Products India coming out with a 100 % natural product for my project

Simon Koeltringer

Laterite Stone Products IndiaOduvally, Kannur Dt, Kerala, India

Call  :  +91 9400334339Whats App :  +91 9400334339


Mon to Sat – 9 AM to 7 PMSunday 10 AM to 5 PM

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For decades we have been working with Laterite Stones , we source laterite of best quality and size them with computer level precision .

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